The Mission

The Islamic Association of North London is a registered charity with the Charity Commission of England and Wales registration number 272690.

The charity's objective is:

  • The advancement of religion in accordance with the tenets, philosophy, ideology and traditions of Islam

  • The advancement of education of Muslim children in accordance with the tenants and teaching of Islam

  • The relief of such members of Muslim community who are poor and in distress.


The Management Committee

It's day to day administration is run by a Management Committee elected by the member of the association once every two years.

The Management Committee members and office bearers of this Charity provide their services on a voluntary basis and none of these positions are recompensed .

...sThe Management Committee elections were held in June 2014, and the following committee members were elected.


President Shehu Suleiman
Vice- President Dr P. A. Sufi
Secretary Mansur Rashid
Assistant Secretary Mohammed Abdul Basit
Treasurer Faisal Habib


Committee Member 1:             Walid Moussa
Committee Member 2:             Khalid Ahmed
Committee Member 3:             Tehmur Khan
Committee Member 4:             Mohamed Abanur
Committee Member 5:             Umar Khan-Cheema


The Trustees

The charity has a separate body other than the Management Committee who are the holding trustees for the immovable assets of the Charity such as land and building etc.

The trustees as a body are not involved in the day to day running of the association. The trustees are elected by the general member of the association once every five years. These positions are also voluntary and not recompensed.

At any one time, the number of Trustees should be between 5 and 7.



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